How To Pay Police Clearance Via GCash?

When applying for a new job, one of the most common requirements is a police clearance. Instead of going to municipal or city halls, you can get a police clearance online and pay for it with GCash. 

What is GCash?

Philippine residents can download and install GCash, a mobile wallet, on their smartphones. It enables users to conduct digital transactions such as bill payments, money transfers, shopping, and investing, among other things.

With GCash downloaded and enabled on your smartphone, it’s as if you’re carrying your money. You can take it everywhere and make any purchase without having cash or disclosing your bank account or credit card information to anyone.

GCash is also a very secure platform, so you’re in good hands – your money and private information are always safe within the GCash ecosystem.

What is Police Clearance?

Police clearance is a government-issued document that indicates basic details about your profile and whether or not you are in one of the Philippines’ criminal databases. Individuals use police clearance to fulfil one of the many requirements in the country, such as applying for a passport.

You can get it the old-fashioned way by lining up at police clearance offices in municipal or city halls, but getting it online may be faster.

How to Pay National Police Clearance via GCash?

Follow these steps to pay for police clearance with GCash:

1: Complete your online registration.

2: Tap the labelled button. More payment options are available by clicking here to Pay.

3: In the Landbank ePayment Portal, select Cash Payment from the Payment Option dropdown.

4: On the MYEG page, select an option if you have a Dragonpay reference number.

5: Launch the GCash app on your smartphone.

6: Select the Pay Bills option.

7: Navigate to Payment Solutions under Categories.

8: Look for Dragonpay or scroll down.

9: Enter the reference number, contact information, amount, and email address.

10: Next, confirm your payment by clicking Next.

Is there a Transaction Fee for Paying Online Police Clearance via GCash?

You will be charged additional fees and the P150 fee for the police clearance. Even if you do not pay through Landbank, you must pay a P30 transaction fee for the Landbank ePayment Portal. When you visit GCash, your convenience fee may be waived or displayed before you enter your payment information.

Other Methods of Paying for Online Police Clearance

You can use your Landbank account to pay for your online police clearance, but you can also use other banks, such as Asia United Bank and BPI. These options are in the Landbank ePayment Portal under the Transaction Details Payment Option.

However, select Cash Payment and are redirected to MYEG. You can pay directly at the Over Counter locations of whichever merchant you prefer or through GCash once you have the Dragonpay reference number.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pay for PNP clearance?

Applicants for police clearance in the Philippines can pay online through Land Bank’s e-payment channel. The Land Bank Link.Biz Portal will permit online PNP charges as an e-payment channel.

How do I pay for a police clearance in a landbank?

How to Use Landbank to Pay for a Police Clearance. Click the Pay to LANDBANK button to access the LBP ePayment Portal. You will pay online through this portal using your LANDBANK, GCash, or BancNet account.

Is it possible to get online police clearance delivered?

No, there is no delivery option for online police clearance because you must still go through the data capture process before receiving your police clearance.
Obtaining an online police clearance speeds up the payment process and allows for a scheduled appointment, eliminating the possibility of encountering long lines at the city or municipal offices.

What is the cost of a 2022 Police Clearance?

You must pay PHP 160.00 for National Police Clearance (PHP 150 police clearance fee plus the PHP 10 transaction fee). Because obtaining a national police clearance necessitates online registration, this fee is only payable through Landbank or Bancnet (over-the-counter or online banking).

How do I make a payment with a reference number?

A payment reference number combines numbers and letters assigned to a financial transaction. It could be a bank transfer, a direct debit, a standing order, or a payment made with a debit or credit card.

Can I use GCash to pay for traditional police clearance?

You can usually only pay in cash, but GCash is an option if your local government has adopted it. You can look for an announcement from your local government or ask the staff if GCash payments are accepted.

Can I get a police clearance without making an appointment?

Yes, you can apply for a Local Police Clearance without making an online appointment by going directly to your local municipal hall. However, this police clearance only looks for criminal records within the same municipality.


In conclusion, paying for a police clearance in the Philippines has been made more convenient with the GCash mobile wallet. By following a few simple steps and providing the necessary information, individuals can easily and securely pay for their police clearance and avoid the hassle of long lines and manual transactions. GCash is just one example of how technology can simplify and streamline processes for Filipinos.

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